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EMME/2 Now on the DSI-780 - Main Frame Speed in PC Environment

INRO is proud to announce that EMME/2 has now been ported to the DSI-780, the new co-processor board from Definicon Systems. Just like the DSI-32, this co-processor also consists of a single full length expansion board that runs with the IBM PC XT, AT or any true compatible. The board features a Motorola 68020 32-bit super-microprocessor running at 16.7 MHz, a Motorola 68881 floating point processor and 2 Megabytes of dynamic RAM (expandable to 8 Mb). The DSI-780 version of EMME/2 does not require any special operating system, but is run directly under regular PC DOS (version 3.1 or higher).

The first computational tests show that the DSI-780 beats even our most optimistic expectations. In raw computing power, it is more powerful than a full size VAX 11/780 and is 3 times faster than the already astonishing DSI-32. The table below lists the CPU times required to run one iteration of the car assignment and the total CPU time required for the transit assignment for the standard EMME/2 Winnipeg demonstration data base, on several types of computers. It shows clearly the power of the DOS/DSI-780 combination. The table is sorted according to auto assignment performance.

Computer ModelProcessor Auto Assignment (1 it.)Transit Assignment
VAX 8600prop. DEC23.1n/a
DSI-780 on IBM AT6802067.5152.5
Masscomp 54006802086.0190.2
VAX 11/780prop. DEC119.2300.5
microVAX IIprop. DEC151.2450.3
HP-9000/500prop. HP186.5292.0
Masscomp 50068010291.3499.6
AT&T UNIX PC 730068010463.5n/a
Pixel 100/AP68000539.8715.8

The DSI-780 board and EMME/2 software will be available for delivery from INRO Consultants for system sizes of 400, 600 and 800 zones, starting June 1. Consult your local distributor or INRO Consultants for more detailed information on available configurations and prices.


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Heinz Spiess, EMME/2 Support Center, Thu Jun 6 14:03:46 MET DST 1996