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Aegerten, March 1987

Here we go again, the second issue of EMME/2 NEWS! Things around here happen very fast, so there is no shortage of topics to write about. The big news in hardware is certainly the DSI-780: imagine 1.5 times the performance of a VAX 11/780 in a single slot of your PC! There are also lots of software enhancements to report about. And still many more to come! But, as a policy, we only report here about new features that, at the time of writing, have already been implemented are in the process of being tested. Most of the software additions we report in this issue are based on suggestions made by users. So, if you have a good idea that you would like to see implemented in EMME/2, write me about it!

As for user contributions in the contents of this newsletter, not very much has happened since my plead for your participation on this page of the last issue. In fact, nothing a all! But I know that all of you are very busy, so I don't blame you. Instead, I just repeat my offer to print your contributions and letters, answer questions and forward EMME/2 related announcements. This is a way to share your ideas with the entire EMME/2 user community.

Heinz Spiess, Editor

Montreal, March 1987

The second issue of EMME/2 NEWS contains, in addition to the announcement of new developments, a short note on algorithms for road assignment and a note on moving matrix data between different zone systems. We will continue, in future issues of EMME/2 NEWS, to include technical notes that either clarify some of the theoretical aspects of the models and algorithms offered by EMME/2 and present novel uses, which are not described in the User's Manual. Contributions from you, the users, are welcome and solicited.

Since the publication of the first issue of EMME/2 NEWS, there have been 14 new installations delivered in North America and Europe. A similar number of systems is expected to be delivered within the next two months. We are encouraged by this growth in the EMME/2 user's community.

In order to serve you better, INRO has moved to a new office during January of this year. Please note the address and telephone number below and do not hesitate to contact us when the need arises.

Michael Florian
President, INRO Consultants

INRO Consultants, Inc.                          EMME/2 Support Center
4950 Queen Mary Rd. #436                        Haldenstrasse 16
Montreal, Que H3W 1X3                           CH-2558 Aegerten
CANADA                                          SWITZERLAND

Tel (514) 738-8336                              Tel (41) (32) 53 20 57

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