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SEnC - A Sequential Enif Client
(based on SEnC Version 3.5)


Heinz Spiess 1

EMME/2 Support Center, Haldenstrasse 16, CH-2558 Aegerten, Switzerland


June 2003


This paper describes the program SEnC (Sequential Enif Client), which is a simple command line based Enif client which allows to communicate with an instance of the Enif program in order to automate simple repetitive tasks.

Before describing the SEnC program itself, the basic concepts of parameters and configurable objects, which are the foundation on which Enif's configurability is based on, are reviewed, followed by a general introduction of the Enif server mode and the command protocol used for the communication between the Enif server and Enif client programs.

In the second part of the paper the SEnC program is discussed, including detailed description of the calling sequence, the command line options, the variable substitution mechanism and the client commands (i.e. commands which are executed locally within SEnC), which include function definitions and conditional execution of commands.

While we hope that the availability of SEnC will be of direct practical help to those users who want to automate well defined repetitive tasks (such as e.g. the printing or exporting of standard set of graphic output), the paper might also be interesting to all those who need to program their own Enif client and just want to become acquainted with the basic principles of Enif's client/server interactions.

This is an enhanced and revised version of a paper which was initially presented at the 12th European EMME/2 Users' Conference, held in Basel, Switzerland, on May 22-23, 2003.

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SEnC - A Sequential Enif Client, Heinz Spiess, May 2003