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GRANNOT - Generate Annotation from Grid Data File

GRANNOT is a program which extracts a set of values from a grid data file (usually produced with GRLINK) and generates an EMME/2 annotation file. This annotation file can be displayed in EMME/2, either superimposed on a network plot, or in its own right.

The details of the graphic representation are taken from a graphic parameter file, which contains details as to the grid attribute to be displayed, the type of representation, the class definitions, colors, hatching, text size and location, as well as contents and position of the legend.

GRANNOT is called as follows:

grannot [-d item] parameter-file input-file [annotation-file]

The parameter parameter-file specifies the name of the graphic parameter file which contains the details of desired graphic representation. This file is usually created with GRPARAM.

The input-file parameter corresponds to the name of the grid data file containing the values to be displayed. This file is usually generated with GRLINK, but files from other sources can be used as well, as long as their format correspond to the specifications given in 5.2.

The optional parameter annotation-file can be used to specify the name of the resulting annotation file. If it is omitted, the output is sent to the standard output device on UNIX and to the console device on MS-DOS.

By default the data item to be extracted from the grid file is specified in the parameter file. With the option -d data this default can be overwritten by specifying the name or number of an alternate variable which is to be accessed in the grid file.

One call to GRANNOT will produce an annotation representing one grid attribute. If the grid file contains several grid attributes --which is usually the case--, GRANNOT is called repeatedly with the same grid data file but different parameter files.

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Heinz Spiess, EMME/2 Support Center
Sun Mar 3 22:21:06 MET 1996