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Aegerten, October 1990

Summer is over now and it's more than three months already since the this year's Users' Conference was held in Toronto. I would like to take this occasion to thank Peter Dalton and his group for the superb job they did organizing the meeting. The Annual Users' Conference is always very special to me, meeting many old friends as well as making new ones, and I always come back with many new ideas for improving EMME/2.

As you can read in the In the Works column of this issue, some of the suggestions made at this year's meeting have already been implemented - others will follow soon.

Heinz Spiess, Editor
EMME/2 Support Center
Haldenstrasse 16
CH-2558 Aegerten
tel: (41) 32 53 20 57
fax: (41) 32 53 57 86

Montreal, October 1990

Many EMME/2 users have developed macros for their applications. These are used from one project to another in order to increase the productivity in the use of EMME/2. The typical applications of macros are for lengthy demand modeling calculations, the production of standard plots and reports and the implementation of various evaluation methods that involve both matrix and network calculations. Some more refined macros, such as the adjustment of an O/D matrix by using observed flows, the placing of count posts and network validation, are described in this issue of EMME/2 News. I am certain that there are other sophisticated macros that were developed by EMME/2 users that are not yet known to us. It is clear that, if the authors of such macros were willing to share their skills with other EMME/2 users there would be a collective benefit. As the intellectual property of an EMME/2 macro rests with its author, it is only the author who can decide if and under which conditions his work should be available to other users. INRO is willing to do its best to act as a clearing house for useful macros that become part of the public domain.

I am taking this opportunity to remind you that INRO has moved on August 1st. to new offices. All communications should be directed to the new address and telephone numbers indicated below.

Michael Florian, President
INRO Consultants, Inc.
5160 Décarie Boulevard, Suite 610
Montréal, Qué H3X 2H9
tel: (514) 369-2023
fax: (514) 369-2026

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